Choosing the right breast implant size

Choosing the right breast implant size

The size, shape and profile of your breasts can be beautifully transformed with implants. Board-certified plastic surgeon Reno in Mississippi will provide you with the breast profile of your choice and the overall look that you desire.

Breast Implants: Add Size and Much More

Of course you need to choose the size of your new breasts, but let’s not just stop there. When you come in for a free consultation, you will be able to view dozens of before and after photos of women who have chosen options like 375cc implants or 600cc saline implants and are similar to you in height, weight and structure. The expert cosmetic breast team at The Plastic Surgery Center in Mississippi will help you choose the best implants to increase your size plus improve your lift, contour and sexy shape.

Breast Implants Mississippi

The first step to choosing an implant is to consider the size. Most women choose sizes that range between 375cc saline implants and 500cc implants, which will result in sizes that range between a medium to A cup to large C cup in bra size. 200cc to 300cc are used less commonly because they produce smaller breasts. These sizes may be recommended for women who desire a small breast while adding dimension and shape. Women who desire very large breasts would need to choose breast implants that there are over 500cc.

Saline or Silicone?

The next step will be choosing the type of implant. This is a decision that can be reviewed with your physician and will be based on your specific desires. Saline and Silicone implants are recommended by Dr. Reno because they provide safe, beautiful results. Your surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg in Mississippi will examine you and recommend either saline or silicone impant to match your desired results. Here is a great example of a high profile 310cc smooth, round saline implant filled to 375cc.

Breast Implants Mississippi Placement

During your private, personal consultation at The Plastic Surgery Center, your expert breast implant surgeon will discuss the best placement for your implants. The most common choice is a submuscular approach. The subglandular approach is an option that can also be discussed during your private consultation. The shape, size and placement of your new implants will ditate to the resulting lift and the curvature of newly transformed breast.

Call (601)296-3405 to request a consultation with Dr. Reno and the expert team of breast implant plastic surgeons in Mississippi. Implants are safe and provide spectacular results. Women often choose breast implants to improve aging breasts, naturally small breasts or after childbirth or breast-feeding. During your consultation, you can experiment with different sized implants to determine which size is best for you. You can also review photos of women who have experienced the same issues and have achieved the results that you desire.