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Brazilian Butt Lift – Is it Worth It?

Brazilian butt lift is a fat grafting surgical procedure that use a person’s own fat to augment buttocks. People belonging to different age groups and body types take up this procedure. In fact, over the past few years, the procedure has been receiving a lot more press coverage than before.

What Problems Can Be Treated With Brazilian Butt Lift?

Anyone who is the victim of the following signs and symptoms can be an ideal candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift.

  • Sagging buttocks
  • Flat buttocks
  • Asymmetrical buttocks
  • Small buttocks (disproportionate)
  • The change of buttock’s shape like after a massive diet/weight loss

Different plastic surgeons use different techniques for this procedure. It is important to select the best professionals to perform the procedure as the surgical results highly depend on your professional’s technique. It may also influence how long the outcome/results will last.

The Recovery Time for Brazilian Fat Grafting

The recovery time for this procedure varies from patient to patient. Most professionals recommend avoiding sitting on your butt for around two weeks. After that you may sit on a boppy pillow, allowing a pressure on your thighs instead of buttocks.

To achieve the fastest recovery and best results, it is imperative to follow your professional’s instructions. Generally, the swelling takes around eight weeks to recover while the inflammation due to liposuction may last for several months.

With Brazilian butt lift, you get the shapelier buttocks. It is better than any other filler procedure as your own fat is used. This also cut down the chances of any adverse complication or reaction.

The procedure is not as invasive as implants. When you choose to work with experts, Brazilian butt lift provides excellent results in the shortest possible period. Your butt looks more toned and rounder, without any sagging or drooping!


Fat Transfer Procedure - Dr Reno

Can You Benefit From a Fat Transfer Procedure?

A fat grafting process is used to plump up or improve small contour irregularities in the particular part of your body. The process involves the transfer of the body’s own viable fat cells into other areas to increase the volume.

The most common body areas that are treated with fat grafting process include buttocks, breast and facial areas like chin, cheeks, and lips. The process is also known as a fat injection or fat grafting. It is a complex process with long-lasting results. However, the results obtained are not to be considered permanent.

As you lose volume and age, you may again need to repeat the fat grafting procedure. Since the result of this complex process depends largely on the skill set of the surgeon, choose only the reputed platform to perform the complex procedure.

Benefits of Fat Grafting Procedure

A fat grafting process provides the following benefits:

  • Since the process uses your own fat, it eliminates the likelihood of an allergic reaction
  • This fat transfer procedure can easily be combined with various other cosmetic treatments such as breast augmentation and liposuction. When you add any of these treatments it helps in contouring the harvest area along with the enhancement achieved due to fat transfer.
  • A fat transfer treatment offer natural-looking results by replacing the lost volume with your own body fat.
  • The healing period of the fat transfer is less. However, if the treatment is performed with some other lengthy cosmetic procedure, it may take a little longer than the fat transfer alone.
  • Fat transfer offer enhancements without using synthetic material.
  • General anesthesia is not required to perform the procedure. The results are immediate and continue to improve in the days following the treatment

However, the success of the fat transfer procedure depends on the experience of the professional performing the job. So make sure you only get the assistance of the most recognized professional.

Laser Skin Resurfacing – What You Need To Know - resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing – What You Need To Know

Laser skin resurfacing is an extremely accurate and controlled procedure to remove the top layer of the skin. For this, a number of lasers are used. The procedure helps in improving skin pigmentation, removing age spots, tightening skin and removing facial wrinkles.

So if you are planning for laser skin resurfacing, it is better to be informed than overwhelmed. For your assistance here are some key things that you must know about this procedure;

  • Laser skin resurfacing is safe for all skin types. However, in the case of darker skin, the chances for discoloration or cell damage may be slightly higher. But in view of the proven results, the treatment is indeed the most effective resurfacing option to go for.
  • Certain conditions or medications may impact the skin reaction to this treatment. Hence stay honest and upfront with your provider and inform them about your medical history or any other supplements that you are currently taking.
  • The procedures involves the use of a range of lasers. This is because not one laser may treat every skin concern. The type of laser to be used will be determined by your skin care professional. However, the recommendation is placed to provide the best results considering the skin type.
  • Depending on your skin type and other conditions, you might need more than one laser treatment. This is to receive the most satisfying results that would last much longer.
  • Laser skin resurfacing is a non-surgical treatment but not necessarily downtime free. The duration of the treatment depends on the laser type as well as recipient’s health and rate of healing.

A laser skin resurfacing, when performed by a knowledgeable and highly trained professional, is the most the safest treatment to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. So don’t go with the options that offer best deals but rather a reputed platform to perform these delicate procedures.

Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help You

Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help You

Gynecomastia is the medical condition that is infamously called ‘man boobs’. The majority of men, affected by this condition, not only suffer on a physical level but also mentally. All of this stress is due to the social stigma which is attached to this condition.

This is a genetic condition and not relievable by adjusting diet or doing exercise.

However, a male breast reduction surgery is extremely effective in getting rid of this condition, including the relief from embarrassment felt by most men.

So if you choose to opt for a male breast reduction surgery, here are the benefits of it:

  • Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence – For a person who has suffered from Gynecomastia, his whole life, this can be a life-changing procedure. It helps in boosting confidence as you can freely make social interactions. Your lifestyle changes and you free yourself from all those insecurities that were holding you back for so long.


  • Enjoy a Muscular Physique – Men suffering from Gynecomastia feel that their gender and body shape are not compatible. Hence, a male breast reduction surgery helps patients in getting a flatter chest and an improved figure. It provides a feeling of masculinity, something the patients of Gynecomastia always wish for.


  • Improve Posture – A heavy chest impacts the body posture naturally. A person tends to hunch back which leads to rounding in the spine. This can further give rise to spine issues, make you look weak, reserved or unapproachable. Conversely, a flat chest in men helps them in standing tall and straight, exuding ease and confidence.


  • Free of Mind – a male breast reduction surgery help the patient in freeing his mind. You can wear any outfit you like without worrying about heavy chest or figure out ways to make it unnoticeable.

So if you want to relieve your mind and body and stop thinking negatively about your appearance, choose only the reputed and professional plastic surgeon to perform the treatment. Also discuss your expectations frankly with your surgeon.



Lip Augmentation – Get Fuller Lips with More Volume

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that help you get plumper and fuller lips. The procedure is best for individuals who wish to improve the fullness of their lips. The procedure works best in restoring the lost volume.

The procedure is performed by using different types of dermal fillers. These fillers are injected in the lips and around the mouth. Since sensual lips have always been considered aesthetically ideal, lip augmentation plumps up lips and improves the appearance of your entire face.

Achieving Beauty Goals through Lip Augmentation

People, who have thin lips, especially get benefited from this lip enhancement procedure. The recovery time of this procedure is relatively shorter than other procedures. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to make your face appear visually appealing. Lip augmentation procedure also addresses the negative side effects of aging process.

So regardless if you consider the procedure to treat thin lips or to make your lips fuller, lip augmentation procedure is one of the most preferred treatments to get a more youthful, inviting facial appearance that easily redefines the individual’s beauty and also helps in improving self-esteem.

There are many options available to perform this procedure. This may include Collagen, Restylane, and Alloderm. Both Collagen and Restylane are injectables. These procedures are best for individuals who need a short-term fix. On the other hand, Alloderm is a dried-freeze piece of dermis that is easily pulled through the lip by using small cuts inside the lip edge. While it may take some time to recover it offers great long lasting results.

However, to get the best results, choose only the best plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. This will help achieve results that meet your individual preferences.

BodyTite - A Minimally Invasive Body Contouring Procedure - dr reno

BodyTite – A Minimally Invasive Body Contouring Procedure

Body contouring has always been challenging when left to exercise and diet. Some stubborn areas of body fat have the tendency to linger for years. This adds to the frustration while lowering self-confidence. But in today’s modern era, we have observed a number of advanced body contouring procedures including BodyTite.

What is BodyTite?

BodyTite is a minimally invasive body contouring and refinement procedure that utilizes radiofrequency technology to properly heat the tissues from the inside while tightening the skin. The most treated body areas include arms, stomach, knees, chest and outer/inner thighs. In case there is some unnecessary or additional fat, the procedure can also be performed combined with liposuction.

Benefits of BodyTite

Following are some of the great benefits of BodyTite treatment.

  • It provides super body contouring and without the need for excisional procedures or another irregular lumpy appearance
  • The controlled directional energy distribution increases RF utilization in the particular treated area.
  • The procedure can be performed with improved safety along with system safeguards that easily regulate the temperature of skin and impedance levels to reduce risks of thermal injuries.
  • The procedure is easily performed without the need for sedation or general anesthesia. This means that patient can easily avoid the traditional anesthesia risks associated with other body contouring treatments.
  • It has decreased patient downtime by means of pre-heating of the area of treatment. This allows gentle and easy extraction of unwanted fat, resulting in reduced swelling and bruising.

The immediate side effects of the procedure may include soreness and tenderness in the treatment area. This may make physical movement and walk, somewhat uncomfortable. However, they can be treated by taking pain medication.

However, make sure you consult only the best plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. This will help in achieving the most expected results without any complications.


Butt implant vs. Brazilian Butt Lift - What’s the Difference

Butt implant vs. Brazilian Butt Lift – What’s the Difference?

In recent times, butt augmentation is the most popular treatment. There are many celebrities who are influenced by the results of this procedure in making their buttock more toned and in shape.

Over the past few years, there have been two major procedures used for butt augmentation;

  1. Butt Implant
  2. Brazilian Butt Lift

So; what’s the difference between the two and which treatment is safest and more recommended by professionals?

Let’s have a brief look at each of these treatments separately.

 Butt Implants

As the name suggests, butt implants are silicone implants that are used to add volume to the butt. They are either oval or round in shape and feature either textured or smooth surfaces, similar to the breast implant.

The major concerning area in butt implants is the durability as implants experience pressure while lying or sitting on one’s back. In this procedure, the external material is used to improve the buttock size and shape which is unlike Brazilian fat grafting.

Brazilian Butt Lift

In this procedure, the professional uses a person’s own fat to fill up the buttock area and to give it tone and shape. The procedure is effective for anyone with sagging or drooping buttocks. The procedure is now highly preferred over implants as it uses the own fat of the body without using any external material.

Such fat particles are first purified and then injected into the fatty muscle layers to improve the volume. The recovery time of Brazilian butt lift is much lower than any other procedures. This procedure is not as invasive or surgical as implants.

Since Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure hence, it is imperative to select only the experienced professional to perform the technique. Moreover, always follow the instructions of your professional to make sure you recover instantly and achieve great results.

Face Lift Surgery A Chance to Restore Your Youthful Facial Appearance

Face Lift Surgery: A Chance to Restore Your Youthful Facial Appearance

Your face is an important and distinctive part of your identity. But if your facial appearance is always worn out, tired or wrinkled, it may easily take a toll on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

There are many factors that may cause your facial tissues to lose elasticity and allows deep creases on the surface. These factors may include environmental elements, aging or maybe gravity effects. However, now you can easily get rid of these natural factors by removing the excess skin through a facelift operation.

Facial Problems Addressed By the Face Lift Operation

A facelift operation is designed to treat a number of facial problems. Most of these problems come with age and include;

  • Jowls
  • Loss of elasticity in the skin
  • Loss of muscle tone in the neck and the face
  • Loss of neck and chin contours
  • Deep creases between the base of the nose and corners of the mouth

The advanced facelift techniques are highly sophisticated. They can easily transform your face and make you look younger. So when you opt for a facelift surgery, go with only the most reputed platform to perform the delicate procedure than the ones which offer cheap deals.

The Benefits of Face Lift Operation

Facelift surgery has the tendency to turn back the clock on your face in many ways including;

  • Tightening your facial muscles– the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) of your face sags and weakens with age. A facelift surgery rearrange and tighten this structure to achieve better configuration


  • Repairing the loose skin – a saggy skin is cautiouslytrimmed and tightened to restore the natural youthful look.
  • Improving the facial contours–the surgery causes a mild lift which restores the smoother look to the lower eyelids and cheeks. Similarly, a lower facelift ensures perfect jawline

In a nutshell, a facelift surgery provides lasting effects. It helps you look better and younger and bring back the confidence that you need to take on more challenges in life.